Currently starting out on a PhD with Jonathan Lawry and Arthur Richards at the University of Bristol, entitled Explainable AI for Interacting Autonomous Agents. I am a graduate of the UK’s top-ranked general engineering degree, holder of an MSc in Machine Learning, and recipient of an RAEng Engineering Leaders Scholarship.

My PhD research will explore what it means to offer an explanation in the context of multi-agent systems, investigate the putative trade-off between comprehensibility and performance in autonomous intelligent agents, and develop practical tools for revealing the patterns and flaws in complex decision-making models.

Check out this blog post I wrote for my preliminary thoughts on this topic, and this interview for more about my background.

I want to help to solve our species’ greatest problems, in a manner which ensures the resultant reformulation of society is overwhelmingly happy, healthy, ambitious and resilient, rather than fractured and unequal, and incurs the minimum possible negative environmental impact.

None of these goals will be attainable without a greatly enhanced ability to cultivate and safely deploy intelligence, be it human or artificial.