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3 minute read


A Go player makes a weak move that loses her the game. A company’s hiring policy appears to show gender biases. A person crashes their car. Our immediate question in each case is why? Our social norms, laws and fundamental ethical principles rely on the assumption that decisions and actions have explanations, that give insight into their context, causes and consequences.


Weekly Readings #5

18 minute read


The theory of why-questions; fidelity versus accuracy; trees and programs as RL policies; partially-interpretable hybrids.

Weekly Readings #4

11 minute read


Decision trees for state space segmentation; lightweight manual labelling as a ‘seed’ for interpretability; the dangerous of homogenous distributed control; AI and the climate crisis.

Weekly Readings #3

8 minute read


This week didn’t involve very much reading since I focused instead on my practical investigation of the traffic coordination problem. Nonetheless, I encountered a variety of fascinating ideas.

Weekly Readings #2

23 minute read


Approximately three weeks in, I’m starting to work on a case study project that will allow me to explore some of the key ideas around multi-agent explainability – collision avoidance within a population of autonomous vehicles on road / track networks. As a result, more of my reading this week has focused specifically on the multi-agent context.

Weekly Readings #1

19 minute read


As it stands I’m precisely 13 days into my PhD, which means a lot of reading, and I thought I’d kick this blog off with a weekly rolling ‘diary’ of things I read, watch and otherwise consume which may have some influence on my PhD topic. Most of the papers have words pertaining to explanation in there, and that’s because I did a massive scrape of papers with that keyword. I figured that would be a reasonable start.